Introduction: The Big Tent Theory of Health Law

“Introduction: The Big Tent Theory of Health Law” in Canadian Health Law and Policy

(4th edition) (with J. Downie & T. Caulfield) (Toronto: LexisNexis, 2011). 8 pages

Provides guidance on the laws, regulations, programs, plans and practices affecting conditions of work and employee benefits in Ontario.

A wide range of topics is covered including: hiring, employment standards, termination, pension plans and retirement savings, health care benefits, disability benefits, non-traditional job structures, leaves and flex-time, job sharing, contract workers, telework, human rights issues, health and safety and privacy in the workplace

Features useful charts, checklists – including a convenient Government Resources and Advisors chart that will allow you to find out which department you need to contact with questions about employment insurance premiums, payroll obligations and pregnancy and parental leave

Allows you to keep track of necessary remittances and avoid penalties for non-compliance

Regular updating will allow you to stay on top of the latest changes in employment law, human rights, pensions, benefits and workers’ compensation.

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