Jonathan Soloman LL.M. ThesisHolistic Approach to Global Health Challenges
OngoingCatherine Deans LL.M. ThesisFutility vs. Autonomy in Health Care
OngoingMichael DeSilva SJD ThesisThe Legitimacy and Limits of Constitutional Health Rights
OngoingRebecca Carr LL.M. ThesisThe Law’s Role in Reducing Global Inequalities in Access to Children’s Healthcare
OngoingY.Y. Brandon Chen SJD ThesisInternational Migrants’ Right to Health in the Era of Medical Tourism - Potential Legal and Policy Implications of Medical Tourism on International Migrants’ Access to Health Care in Receiving Countries
2012Shannon Gibson LL.M. ThesisThe Role(s) of Social Media in Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals
2012Lijing Cao LL.M. ThesisThe Prospect for Health Care Rights in China
2012Lorian Hardcastle SJD ThesisGovernmental Liability for Health Care in Canada
2010Laura Esmail PhD ThesisLeslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
2009Ruby Dhand LL.M. ThesisChallenging Exclusion: A Critique of the Legal Barriers Faced by Psychiatric Consumer/Survivors from Ethno-Racial Communities in Ontario
2008Mark Geiger LL.M. ThesisPrimary care reform in Ontario: What's the hold up? An economic
2008Juhee Makkar LL.M. CandidateAccess to Cancer Drugs (Withdrew)
2008Catherine RégisSJD ThesisMind over matter: Using law & psychology to optimize conflict resolution in health care
2008Rami Shoucri LL.M. ThesisAccelerating bridge building between intertwined paths: Legal governance of the delivery and financing of health care services in the context of Crown-Aboriginal relationships in Canada
2008Ronald Donato PhD Thesis Monash University
2007Jennie Baek LL.M. ThesisPolicy And Government Treatment Of Stem Cell Research: Bringing It Out Of The Shadows Of Assisted Reproductive Technologies
2007Lisa Forman SJD ThesisA transformative power? The role of the human right to medicines in accessing AIDS medicines: International human rights law, TRIPS and the South African experience (Supervisor Patrick Macklem)
2007Regiane Garcia LL.M. ThesisA critical analysis of public participation in health policy choice in Brazil
2006Lorian HardcastleLL.M. Thesis LL.M. Thesis)Tort accountability of governments and institutions in the Canadian Health Care System
2006Oscar Cabrera LL.M. ThesisLegal preparedness and proportionality of social distancing measures in Ontario's legislation. (Switched Supervisors)
2006Obiajulu Nnamuchi LL.M. ThesisAccess to health care: A right or farce?
2005A. Sasha Kontic LL.M. ThesisAssessing the effectiveness of the prescription drug post-market surveillance system in Canada: The need for a more active regulatory role
2004Simon Rabinovitch LL.M. ThesisThe legitimacy of cross-border pharmacy from Canada to the United States
2004Catherine RégisLL.M. ThesisEnhancing Patients’ Confidence in Access to Health Care: The Ontario or Quebec Way?
2004Anthea Williams LL.M. ThesisA decision-making framework for government settlement decisions in health accident claims
2003Caroline Pitfield LL.M. ThesisGiving patients a louder voice in the health care system?: a critical evaluation of the Ontario Health Services Appeal and Review Board
2003Tom Archibald SJD ThesisLabour Policy vs. Health Policy (Withdrew)
2001Tracey Epps LLM ThesisMerchants in the Temple? The Implications of the GATS and NAFTA for Canada’s Health Care System
2000Cathy Anderson LL.M ThesisThe Legal and Political Evolution of Federal Tobacco Control Legislation