Canadian Health Law & Policy (5th Edition)

Provides guidance on the laws, regulations, programs, plans and practices affecting conditions of work and employee benefits in Ontario.

A wide range of topics is covered including: hiring, employment standards, termination, pension plans and retirement savings, health care benefits, disability benefits, non-traditional job structures, leaves and flex-time, job sharing, contract workers, telework, human rights issues, health and safety and privacy in the workplace

Features useful charts, checklists – including a convenient Government Resources and Advisors chart that will allow you to find out which department you need to contact with questions about employment insurance premiums, payroll obligations and pregnancy and parental leave

Allows you to keep track of necessary remittances and avoid penalties for non-compliance

Regular updating will allow you to stay on top of the latest changes in employment law, human rights, pensions, benefits and workers’ compensation.

What You Need to Know about Emerging and Hot Topics

What are the rules of informed consent in Canada?

How is research involving humans governed?

What legal issues impact obesity, infectious diseases, and addictions?

Much more than just the study of laws relevant to the area of medicine, Canadian Health Law and Policy, 4th Edition draws together the legal and policy issues that are relevant to human health, and sheds new light on emerging and continuing trends. Continuing to offer the most comprehensive and current analysis of this fast-changing field, from some of the strongest academic voices within health law, this unique work serves as a resource for anyone seeking an understanding of the developing and critical issues in health law and policy.

What’s New in this Edition?

  • Brand-new chapter on critically important health law and policy issues associated with the indigenous peoples of Canada
  • Coverage of new statutes, policy documents, and court decisions, such as the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Research Involving Humans (the national granting councils’ document governing research) and the Supreme Court of Canada decision on the Quebec challenge to the federal Assisted Human Reproduction Act
  • Overview of the most recent negligence cases and issues, such as government liability for health policy decisions and actions
  • Update on the latest developments in provinicial privacy legislation, including the most recent cases on the “right’ to privacy, and the developing area of tissue rights
  • Analysis of “futile treatment” debates and discussion of development of “donation after cardiac death” protocols
  • Review of the legal and policy controversies associated with a variety of emerging science and health technologies, including genetics, stem cell research and nanotechnology, plus updates on developments in science and policy, such as genetic discrimination and new methods for producing pluripotent stem cells
  • Commentary on today’s most urgent and current public health issues, including the growing obesity problem and challenges presented by events such as the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic

A Cutting-Edge Survey For

  • University and college students in health law, medicine, and nursing who need a reference book on medico-legal issues
  • Policy experts and deputy ministers who need to get up to speed on health law topics
  • Health, personal injury, and constitutional lawyers involved in medical malpractice, privacy, regulation of health professionals, mental health law, and representation of hospitals and health authorities
  • In-House counsel and senior administrators at hospitals who need to follow developments in the health system, particularly those related to privacy, confidentiality, biomedical research, mental health, and reproduction

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