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You can appeal long wait times

Colleen M. Flood and Greg Hinds, “You can appeal long wait times” (2005) Toronto Star. The recent Supreme Court decision involving a Quebec patient’s right to seek private care has sparked debate on the role of the private sector in medicare. But an important aspect of that decision has been overlooked, namely the ability of Canadians to appeal long wait times or a decision not to fund a new treatment.

Time to listen once again

Colleen Flood et al, “Time to listen once again” (2003) Toronto Star. There is much sound and fury emanating from Ottawa these days about the need to address the democratic deficit. In Ottawa-speak, the concept has a largely institutional meaning: Changing how government operates to enable members of Parliament to play a more expansive role in shaping the policy agenda of government.

Lessons From SARS: Now is the time for public health reform

Collen M. Flood, “Lessons From SARS: Now is the time for public health reform” (2003) National Post. SARS has made public health a hot topic. But not for long. Now that SARS has passed its peak and the World Health Organization is removing its advisory against travel to Toronto, the risk of contraction will be normalized. Just as we accept the risk of West Nile virus, HIV, car accidents, and...

The Mazankowski Report: Can We Fix Medicare With More Private Financing?

Colleen M. Flood, “The Mazankowski Report: Can We Fix Medicare With More Private Financing?” (2002) 2:4 HealthcarePapers. The Mazankowski Report is a very important contribution to the debate washing over Canada with regard to the future of its most cherished social program, medicare. While a complete analysis of the report is not possible in this brief comment, several observations and arguments should be made. First, the report’s recommendations for a greater...

Comment: Bill 11, Health Care Protection Act

Timothy Caulfield, Colleen M. Flood & Barbara von Tigerstrom, “Comment: Bill 11, Health Care Protection Act” (2000) 9: 1 Health Law Review. Few legislative initiatives have been the subject of more intense public debate than Alberta’s Bill 11, the Health Care Protection Act. 1 The Bill was introduced on March 2, 2000 and received third and final reading on May 10, 2000. Government amendments were introduced on April 12, 2000 and...